Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Little Bird Bistro

 Dinner at Little Bird was the best treat I have had
in a long time.  The service, atmosphere, and food
were truly amazing.
 The appetizer was pork belly bilini's.
 Cod was hiding under those beans.
 Olive oil cake with rhubarb.
Normally I don't like rhubarb, but this was delicious too.
Since it was my birthday there were two tiny macarons 
at the end of the meal.  
This is a definite repeat.

March is Portland Dining Month,
so many restaurants including Little Bird have
a special menu for $29 each person.
Definitely makes it worth trying some restaurants you
haven't visited yet.

Little Bird Bistro
219 SW 6th Ave., Portland, Oregon 97204
Phone: 503-688-5952

1 comment:

martea said...

A lovely birthday dinner and how special to have macarons for the finish of a celebration dinner!

The food looks amazing and I know that I would have enjoyed every bite of that menu.

Birthday wishes to last the whole year through!