Sunday, May 31, 2015

LoneSomeVille Pottery Company

 Walking through the gardens at LoneSomeVille Studio,
all I can say is "WOW".
 From the entrance gate there were roses everywhere.
The pump house was surrounded in the beauty of bird songs
and country garden delights.
 Tucked under trees were pottery acorns.
The trim on the house was embellished with cut-out leaves.
From the porch hung beautiful pottery acorns with leaf designs.
The flowers were just spectacular and sat with so much love and care.
Tucked into the front room in the house were pottery made right there that
very much reminded me of Roseville and McCoy Pottery.
A statement on their brochure stated,
"We believe Lonesomeville is the most beautiful place on earth,
and our pottery reflects the graceful beauty we see around us every day."
A visit here is by reservation only, call 503-774-5387
LoneSomeVille Pottery Co.
5006 S.E. Long Street
Portland, Oregon 97206

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martea said...

what beautiful pottery!